Due to the unique design of Bunchy products and the metal eyelets they contain, we advise and supply the below information to maximise product care.

Washing your product:

We have extensively tested our product range to ensure that no damage is caused by the metal eyelets during the washing process. This applies directly to your Bunchy product, other items you may wish to wash at the same time as your Bunchy product and also your washing machine.

For best washing practice we recommend that all Bunchy products (other than hair accessories) be placed in a laundry washing bag. This protects the eyelets from getting scratched as well as potentially catching any other garments whilst in the washing process, although this is extremely unlikely and has not happened during any of our testing trials.

Drying your product:

We advise that no Bunchy product should be placed in a tumble drier. Drying can be carried out naturally by placing the Bunchy product on a clothing horse.